Saturday, January 15, 2022

Omicron -

Omicron - B.1.1. 529 

Omicron .. the superfast cosmopolite .. Other than air it needs Human body to travel ( to spread ) and to survive ..

It's escaping our immunity, so one is vaccinated or not, can be infected. Though outcome or prognosis depends on his/ her health and immunization status.

Hence we should not provide our body to the virus
-maintaining proper social distancing,
-keeping double mask covering nose and mouth,
-hand wasing with soap and water,
-avoid gatherings,
- keeping in mind fomites and air borne problems and so all other hygienic and sanitization procedure.

Good sleep,
fresh nutritious meal,
proper hydration,
positive n happy thoughts,
daily exercises ( not too strenuous )
healthy life style and
habits will surely improve our health and immunity status..

We have forgotten all the safety measures and have become careless.
Plz help in breaking the chain of Omicron or Covid spread .. we'll also be safe from other contagious disease....

And don't be careless for other illness/ diseases Treat them too.

Be Happy,Healthy And Be Safe.

Dr Nutan Gairola

Color Imagination of Omicron and drawn by me.

Dr Nutan Gairola - after a long gape I am in my blog .. happy writing ..

ब्लॉग मे लंबे समय बाद ॥ उम्मीद कि इस महामारी के बुरे व्यक्त सब सुरक्षित रह पाएं ॥ 💕


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