Friday, September 17, 2010

Without You .. by Dr Nutan Gairola " Amrita "

Without you 
Without you, I m here, feeling meaningless.
Without you, though  on the top of the world  still feeling loneliness,
Without you, I m full of emotions yet speechless,
Without you, everyone consoles me but I m feeling hopeless.
Come and embrace me......O Maa !
Without you my soul is bodiless -
Without you O Maa....Without you.

Written by - Dr Nutan Gairola .. In the memory of My Beloved Mother


  1. Very touching sentiments....It is true that nothing can substitute mother...

  2. beautiful amritaji.... actually our bodies are nothing without dis soul.....
    soul thats called maa.....

  3. बहुत अच्छी प्रस्तुति।

  4. डॉ monika ji .. में ये समझती हूँ कि आत्मा म तो माँ का वास है .. पर इस भौतिक संसार में माँ के बिना ये शरीर ख़त्म प्राय्ह है.. जब अचानक माँ चली जाती है.....बहुत दूर.. तब लगता है कि आत्मा नंगी हो गयी.जो हाथ सहारा देते थे ..जिसके प्यार भरे घेरे में हम रात को सो जाते थे.. तो सरीर खुद का ख़तम प्रतीत होता ..और आत्मा पुकारती हवी माँ..

  5. .
    When I lost my mother, i felt as if the whole world has become meaningless. Nothing and none on earth can replace her . She was my friend and guide . I still miss her but gradually I have started finding her in myself as I am growing stronger by her divine grace.

  6. beautiful!
    it's wonderful coming to ur blog too!
    u recognised right, we r connected on facebook too! ur poem ,khud se khud ki baatein,there on fb!
    keep writing!

  7. I have only recently lost my dad and I understand your sentiments perfectly..I think I just couldnt survive without my maa..just thinking about brings tears to my eyes..



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